Before we discuss the various disadvantages of using local herbs. It is very important that we know exactly what herbs are.
Herbs are simply those plants with savory. Aromatic properties that are used for flavoring and garnishing food, medicinal purposes and also for fragrances
This is excluding vegetables and other plants consumed for macronutrients. Culinary or cooking purpose is what typically distinguishes herbs from spices.

Herbs have been in use for hundreds of years by different people, culture or traditions. For treating various illness and is the foundation on which modern health care is built on.
Side effects of herbal drugs have been further reported and evaluated after the marketing of the medication. Information about herbal drugs components and their interactions or usage in pregnancy. While breastfeeding, for pediatric patients, and dosing limits are not properly outlined and made available on packages. In standard references for users or medical patients.

Herbal products herb herbs drugs

It is important that the formulations of this herbal drugs must satisfy strict quality control standards created by health agencies to ensure conformity. These herbal products regularly contain virtually unequal quantities and ratios of different substances, a reason it must have a standard.

Although herbs have a lot of advantages. Which includes being very affordable, easily available, takes less time to prepare compared to chemically synthesized drugs. It is also very important to know some of the disadvantages.

Knowing the disadvantages of herbal drugs is has important as knowing it’s uses. As it’s negative impact can be felt over a lifetime creating more problems than already exist.
Some of the disadvantage of using herbs Includes;


A lot of conventional medication can have side effects. These side effects have being described and reported after drug trials and research studies have been conducted.
Herbs can become toxic to users based on the facts, that most herbal drugs or treatments do not come with prescriptions. Or even the right prescriptions as there are no legal standards that producers or manufacturers of this product must follow.

In comparison to conventional medications, unconventional treatments (such as herbs) have little or no actual scientific basis which makes it a little difficult for doctors to guide their patients regarding proper usage or dose of these drugs.

And since there are no standardized references and most of the herbal formulations have not been fully examined and analyzed. Even the production process of most of these herbs are not uniform. And have no quality control or government regulations and guides. One production batch can be very different from the next.


Just like any other conventional drug, using of herbal drugs may come with some side effects. Due to the fact that most users are allergic to some of the ingredients used in the production process of these drugs.

And it is so disappointing that even if a given herb has a known toxicity. The manufacturers may or may not warn consumers. Or give the right description of the contents or ingredients of the product that they offer. Sadly most don’t even know all the ingredients contained in the products they offer.
Manufacturers are required to alert consumers to know the dangers of their products. The point is that these supplements or herbal drugs are not sanctioned, regulated, or supervised by any legal agency.
Although data coming in from research about herbs are coming slowly, there have been some reviews on some known herb-drug. The reviews have been published for doctors in the medical journal Archives of Internal Medicine.

It should be put to note that simply because herbs are “natural” treatments. They are not necessarily free from side effects. Keep in mind that most of these side effects may come months or even years after use. Best advice make sure you see a certified professional before using any herbal product.

Not all herbal products are has great as their manufactured claim. It is best you see a doctor or any medical professional for advice, treatments and diagnoses of any kind of drug.


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