Thursday, May 28, 2020
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We believe it’s important that people engage with their health, care and wellbeing so they can stay healthy and help manage any long-term health conditions.
We provide thousands of clinically validated articles, videos and tools to:
  • help people make the best choices about their health, care and wellbeing
  • reduce pressure on frontline services
We’re not just a website
Millions of people also access our content through:
  • partner websites
  • apps
  • internet-connected devices
More than 500 organisations share our content, including other health websites, local authorities, charities and commercial organisations, from start-ups to large technology leaders.
How we work
We put users first when creating and transforming our content. We take an agile, iterative approach, starting with identifying the user needs.
We test our ideas with users, and use the feedback we receive to learn and improve.
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