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Health products
There are a lot of health products being sold in shops, supermarkets and are being bought by numerous people for quick fixes, it could be creams or magic pills. The only problem with most of these products is that they don't produce long-lasting results that will impact your health and life in...

The Amazing health benefits of scent leaf .

Health benefits of scent leaf
Are you aware about the incredible health benefits of scent leaf? Scent leaf possesses mind-blowing health benefit that people don't even know about. We are going to throw more light of its usage and it's health benefits. This is to help you understand its usefulness to your body. Don’t worry, this post is...

5 Mistakes You’re Making as breastfeeding mother

breastfeeding mother
Breastfeeding is not easy. It requires a lot of work. Here are some common mistake you make as a breastfeeding mother. Not asking for help when it is needed. This is not a joking matter...


There are a ton of information, articles on the internet on ways better health can increase productivity at work, school or any environment you find yourself. It is very we understand those things because they help you get the best out of you. But in...

What Do You Want to Know About Cancer?

What Do You Want to Know About Cancer?
Malignant growth is an umbrella term for a huge gathering of maladies caused when strange cells partition quickly, and spread to other tissue and organs. Malignant growth is one of the main sources of death on the planet. Disease Growth and Metastasis In a...

4 perfect reason why a pregnant woman should make love almost everyday

As indicated by each lady imagining a youngster and the endowment of parenthood is the greatest bliss that a lady can involvement. Numerous ladies are enchanted by the progressions that happen to their bodies during the pregnancy. Anyway then again many view their pregnancy as a weight they should convey.

45 Surprising Benefits of using Honey for Skin, Hair, And Health

1. EYES SCRATCHING; Mix white Onion with Honey and drop it into your eyes. 2. STOMACH PAIN; The person that has stomach pain, mix ground bitter leaf with Pure honey use two table spoon after meal. 3. WOUND; Grind Bitter leaf with Pure Honey...

Soft drinks, including sugar-free versions, linked to earlier death

"Ditch the Diet Coke! People who drink two glasses a day at 'higher risk of early death'," warns the Daily Mirror. The headline is based on a new study that looked at whether soft drink consumption was linked to poorer long-term health outcomes. Researchers asked more than 450,000 adults...

Just one cigarette a day increases heart disease and stroke risk

"Just one cigarette a day is 'almost as dangerous as 20 – hiking your heart attack and stroke risk by 40%'," The Sun reports. A new review of 141 studies covering more than 12 million people showed that people who think "light" smoking is relatively harmless are...

The health benefit of eating bitter kola

Bitter kola’s health benefits include its ability to treat liver disorders, bronchitis, throat infections, colic pain, colds, and cough. As you can see the health benefits of bitter kola are numerous, and you learn more about them in detail soon. 1. Boosts...


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