The objective of this article is to highlight some of the sexual insecurities our spouse (he/she) face and how we can help them over come them. This is important for a healthy relationship.

Sexual insecurity is a feeling of discomfort or insecurity about ones appearance, relationship or any other thoughts that may arise before you have sexual intercourse with you spouse.

It is true that at some point in our lives we feel self conscious and it’s absolutely natural. But if you feel insecure, it is time for you tostart feeling comfortable in your own, beautiful skin.

Spouses spouse helping relationship

Sexual Insecurity must be identified at the early stages of any relationship because when it comes to sex, there’s often a part ofemotional vulnerability that the person faces.

For the people who they or their spouse are insecure, when it comes to their bodies and their relationships, The bedroom could easily become a minefield to them. An harmless sexual comment from their partner, if misunderstood can result in a feeling of discomfortand might as well end the evening very unpleasantly with absoluteconfusion.

Here are some of the ways you can help your spouse over come sexual insecurity:


sexual insecurity for some persons comes from the way they feel about their physical appearance or their body. If you or your spouse is one of them the first step to feeling comfortable in bed with your spouse starts with you feeling comfortable with yourself.

I know for a fact that it is asier said than done, but the steps in the right direction is what matters the most.

You can start with something very significant encourage him or her to Take it all off. And by “it,” we mean their clothes and walkaround the house naked. It’s like Looking at ones body in the mirror not under the lights but through the eyes of someone who loves you and is compassionate towards despite what you may deccribe as flaws.

Show them that they might have some physical deficiency but that doesn’t affect your feelings for them.So now no more turning off the lights and always remind your spouse that confidence is sexy too.


It is important you encourage your spouse or partner when you notice him/her feeling a bit uneasy to talk with you about it. Like allother situations in life, communication is key for a successful relationship as well as sex.Encourage your spouse It’s OK for them to to be inexperienced or need cuddling or be complimented, or that they are a little shy.

And If he or she is not the kind of person you feel comfortable talking about your feelings with, you might want to rethink your relationship and also exchanging bodily fluids.

You should be able to share with a sexual partner or spouse yourfeelings about sex and not how bad your day was or waste time discussing about the new car you just bought.

The truth is that what ever you are insecure about, be it you body or sexual abilities your spouse could care less about it.

So instead of letting your insecurities affect your relationship, try discussing it with your spouse or make your spouse talk to you about it. After that, words may not be needed.


Sex is a total different experience for everyone especially for the first time. But if you’re only familiar with what you see on televisionor in porn, you’re going to have some unrealistic expectations.

Sorry to tell you but you may be very disappointed or may just put a lot of pressure on yourself to be or perform a certain way. So it’s important to create a culture of learning every day in your relationship.

It’s important you learn about all of the different ways that people find pleasure by reading different kinds books or articles in other to help your spouse over sexual insecurity. Help your spouse or partner understand that Sex is a journey, not a destination and must treat it as such. This will make it easier for your partner or spouse to see it that way too.


A sexual insecurities have plagued so many relationships but itshouldn’t be your case. All that really matters as that one understands the problem and is ready to do what it takes to solve it. What you look like or how you or your spouse perform sexually shouldn’t be a problem. We must learn to be comfortable in our own skin.


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