There are few downsides of too much work, read till the end to find out. Working out is great for your health, it helps improves your immune system( good health care) lowering the risk of being affected by some diseases. It could also help to keep a healthy body weight and shape.
But what if it is done too much, then it becomes a problem. As advised by primary health care experts, exercising too much could actually undo all the good gained from working out in the first place.
Like they do say Too much of everything is bad “, it could also be experience when you over exercise. The body has certainly limits as to how much stress it can handle. Anything beyond those limit becomes dangerous.



Research has shown that too much exercise, too much time at the gym could have a negative effect on the heart, arteries and even affecting brain function causing addition.
Light runs a few times a week can help lower the risk of a diseases and even death but if done too much can have negative effect on the body such as; heart damage, heart rhythm disorder and the list goes on.
Studies have shown that men who do intense exercise have a high risk of decrease libido, this could be as a result of physical fatigue caused by those intense work outs.
While women who do intense exercise are at risk of Female Athlete Triad this may include; lose of mensuration, bone mineral lose and it could also result to an eating disorder.


In preventing over exercising, one has to consider some factors such as ; Age, Environment and Health Conditions (Health Status) e.t.c.


Studies have shown that our fitness levels naturally begins to slowly decline after our 20s and it gets lower as we reach our 70s. This is because as we grow older our exercise capacity i.e. the amount of oxygen used by the body during a physical activity, declines.
This affects the body especially the heart as it requires oxygen for the heart muscles to function properly.
The best way to prevent over exercising as regards to age is by setting Shorter time for your daily exercise. By standards an hour’s work daily is good enough for everyone.

Environment :

Being a product of our environment means that the environment we find ourselves in has a great influence on our attitude towards exercising. Some may prefer outdoors exercising another’s may prefer going to the gym or just stay home and running a treadmill.
It influences our workout routines, seeing others working out long hours may influence you, make you think you need to work out some way they do, to be like them.
The best way to prevent your environment from making you over exercise is by knowing yourself and your limits. You can get more information on the best exercise routines for you and stick with them.

Health Condition (Health Status):

It is important for one to know all about his own health. As it plays a big role in determining his workout routines and the amount of exercise his body can handle.
There are health conditions without immediate physical symptoms. And if not discovered can have a negative effect on the body while you exercise. The Best way to prevent over exercising caused by health condition is by visiting a good Health Care service provider. For Primary health care services, for proper examination of your body system to prevent any future problems. And to be able to know what kind of exercise suits your body condition.
Other factors include, body weight and size, nutrition…
Now check out which of these three factors has the most influence on your workout and keep a close eye on them.


This article is not meant to scare you or discourage you from exercising. It is very important you exercise but more importantly get the right amount. Don’t go beyond your limits because it will do you more harm than good
What other ways can one prevent over exercising? Live your comments below.


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