Contraception can be described as the method or means of preventing physiological conditions by meddlesome with the conventional method of implantation, organic process and fertilization. There are a number of completely different strategies of contraceptive method. First of all before responding to the question of taking contraceptives one has to consider a term popularly called planning.

Family planning is important to the well-being and autonomy of girl and their families. The Quality of care in planning is important for progress towards achieving a high standards of health.

During the Programme of Action of the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) describeshealth as a state of complete mental, physical and social well-being, and not simply the absence of sickness or a bad shape..The Programme of Action also states that the purpose of sexual health is the sweetening of life and private relations, not simply guidance and care sexually transmitted diseases.  

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The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which was unitedby states in 2001 were concerned about the universal health andone of the major concern was the availability of contraceptives. Now some of the new property Development Goals (SDGs)involves universal access to sexual and generative health-care services and generative rights by 2030. Generative and sexual health care, planning services and data is recognized not solely as a key intervention for rising the health of human beings. 

Adequate data is to be provided in order to assist them keep improve or develope alternative of contraception. Subsequentlydata ought to be provided observing every contraceptive methodwhich includes: relative effectiveness, correct usage, however it works, common side-effects, health risks and advantages, signsand symptoms that will necessitate a come to the clinic, come to fertility when discontinuance. The data ought to be in a simple format which would be simple to understand and access by the shopper. 

Among contraceptive strategies, only the male and feminine sterilization area unit are considered permanent which means no chance of future childbearing. Most people and couples who consider these strategies should be counselled properly. Know that different strategies may end in permanent physiological condition.

Oral contraceptives may contain combos of internal secretionsteroid and sex hormone which can stop physiological condition by controlling the discharge of the hormones gonadotropichormone and cyst stimulating hormones from the pituitary glands within the brain. 

Sex hormone also makes the uterine mucus that surrounds the egg harder for gamete to penetrate and therefore making it possible for fertilization to occur. Although in some ladies, sex hormone inhibits ovulation which means it. unleash of the egg.

There are different types of combination birth control pills which contain oestrogen and sex hormone they are eitherbiphasic, monophasicor triphasic.Biphasic Birth control pills can deliver constant quantity of oestrogen on a daily basis for the twenty one days of the cycle. throughout the half of the cycle, the progestin or estrogenmagnitude relation is usually higher to permit the conventional shedding of the liner of the female internal reproductive organ to occur.

Monophasic contraception pills deliver constant quantity ofoestrogen and sex hormone daily.Triphasic contraception pills have dynamic or constantoestrogen concentrations and also ranging sex hormone concentrations throughout the cycle.

There are no proof that bi- or triphasic oral contraceptives area unit safer or superior to monophasic oral contraceptives when compared in their effectiveness for the prevention of physiological condition.

These are the most common effects of the contraception pills ,they include;;Headache.Nausea Breast tenderness.Mood swings.Weight gain.Low catamenial periods or breakthrough harm could occur however area unit usually temporary and neither result is serious.

The effects usually subside after some months of use. Additionally the employment of contraception pills throughout lactation period has been related to reduced milk production, reduced baby weight gain, and reduced content of milk.


The is no harm in using contraceptive drugs but one must understand it’s purpose and uses as it may cause permanent side effects as explained in the article.


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