There’s is very large influence being played by the environment and in this article our aim Is to highlight some of the importance of managing your environment especially during the ongoing pandemic.


Environmental management can be defined as any purposeful activity with the objective of improving and maintaining the state of any particular environmental resource that have been affected by human activities.

Environmental Management could also be defined as the processing of managing the interaction and impact/influence of human activities on the natural or physically environment.

The aim of Environmental management is to ensure that the ecosystem and biodiversity are maintained and protected for use by future human generations.

It also helps to maintain ecosystem integrity and also taking into consideration economic, ethical, and scientific or ecological variables. 

Environmental management also tries to identify all the factors that may influence and become the reason for problems that may rise between meeting the needs but protecting the environment.

importance of environmental management environment

It is important we try to Identify environmental problems and we can be done by gathering complaints and concerns from the community. Inspections should be carried out by the relevant Government Departments in order to find and solve the problems.

It’s is also important that the problems are being brought to the attention of transgressors, polluters. They could be person’s or companies. They must be informed to stop the illegal activities and address the problems or concerns which includes the rehabilitation of the environment.


Too many people take the importance of environmental management for granted . Although, it is an economic and of great value, which means it can never be overstated. Environmental management occurs at different levels, from a city park’s garden to a grand scale project such as management of vast wetlands and fields with lots of vegetation.

Government agencies at all levels must work hand-in-hand with the non-profit agencies in order for them to acquire and manage the environment and it’s resources. Restoring and preserving key components of the environment is resource management is all about.

There is a continuous increase in the loss of habitat. Countries like the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have reports that more than one-third of the nation’s threatened and endangered species live only in wetlands.

With nearly half of those species depending totally on the wetlands at some point in time, during their life cycle. It is clear that a loss of habitat will continue to contribute to the extinction figures.

Why should you care about loss animals?, In addition to habitat, wetlands serves as protection from flood. Just one acre of wetlands can contain up to 1 million gallons of water. 

Environmental management also help in the protection of human health by carring out environmentally friendly projects such as the project Carried out by Department of Energy responsible cleanup of nuclear waste sites.

And while the federal agencies are doing there best to try improve the environment and make it conducive for us human beings and the living organisms all around us, it is also important that we take environmental Management very serious as our actions contribute largely to the state in which our environment is.

Some believe that the land will take care of itself. Although most of the land and the wildlife will surely adapt a lot may not. When there is a sudden change in the environment, wildlife species may or may not recover. 

The importance of environmental management should not be ignored especially during the ongoing pandemic as it plays a great influence on the food supply and general well being of living things.

The benefits of environmental management includes being able to enjoy the value of the outdoors and being able to experience the sound of birds, feeling the sweet breeze and hearing the rush of river waters. Nothing else can give something this valuable.


Environmental management is very important especially during the ongoing pandemic because the state of our farms land, wildlife is related to our survival.


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