Health products

It is important that all our readers understand that. The contents on this article are not meant to scare you from getting your favorite health products or any health product as a matter of fact.
The aim of this article is to help you stay guided. While making your choice for the next health product you get from the shelves of a super market or from online.

Research carried out in most part of Europe found that. Most of the stated or listed healthcare benefits of more than 50 health care products. Which includes food products and supplements like Ocean Spray cranberry juice and Lipton black tea, were scientifically not proven.

Some other Investigators have also rejected many of the claims made for fish oil supplements. Which promise to improve brain growth in babies and children.

Some Government food agencies have decided to examine the science behind the health claims made buy the manufacturers of health products; foods or ingredients.
What was discovered during the study suggest that consumers are being lied to and fooled by these health product manufacturers into believing the products will improve their diet and there by encouraged the wasting millions of pounds on them patronizing such products.

The study has sent shock waves through the multi-million food and supplements industry. Which has relied heavily on the assertions and health benefits claims made for its products in order to get customers attention and Money.

Health products

This has encouraged a few countries and government agencies to take more measures. By inspecting, proving or disproving the health claims of health product being placed on shelves.
Be careful of making Use of the internet to find health products and medical information. It may be able to help you make more informed decisions about your health. But it is not a substitute for seeing a doctor.

Although there are some health information available on the internet that can be valuable. You need to be aware of the risks because medical misinformation could become more dangerous than an actual medical condition.

It is very important to know how to recognize a reputable site or company. Watch out for scams or fake information and most importantly do not self-diagnose or self-medicate using online prescriptions or information. Always consult a medical professional like a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment advice.

There is a rule, that every health product manufacturer must clearly substantiate or verify any health benefits their products are said to provide.
Health benefits claims such as that of the ocean spray, suggested that its cranberry juice could protect women against urinary infections.

There are some federal authorities who have rejected the application from Unilever. Which claimed that drinking Lipton black tea makes people more alert. The directives is that any statement listed on any health product package. Must meet the guidelines of the agency responsible for health products.


Product must have less than 3 grams of fat per serving. And low-calorie foods must have less than 40 calories per serving. And If a product has a claim that it is heart healthy. it must meet strict guidelines.
When evaluating weight-loss advertisement or package details and other health and fitness products. Health agencies have recommended a healthy portion of skepticism.


Because there are no legal definition for low carb in existence. Health products especially food could not be legally labeled “low carb” on the package.
And this has made some manufacturer to take advantage of customers who are unaware.

This is to encourage us to be more careful and serious, about what kind of health products we get off the shelves. As the may contain little or non of what the claim to provide and even worse cause problems to us.


As I had explained at the beginning of this article. the purpose of this is not discourage you reader’s from getting your favor.


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