Stop wasting your money on drugs because of menstrual pain. Menstrual pain is caused when the blood is thickened which make it hard for its passage thereby giving you a stomach tumor or better still stomach imbalances because some nerves are connected directly from the uterus to the stomach.

Simple medication for menstrual pain is intake of warm water to melt the thickened blood into a fluid form for easy passage or regular exercise few days before you experience your menstruation.

Menstrual pains can as well be as a result of an untreated infection either a tiolet infection or any sexual transmitted diseases. If it is not tackled & properly treated as as soon as possible could cause infertility in the future from the part of the lady/woman.

On the part of the man, infection could lead to itching of the private organ, infertility as well, low sexual performance etc; so it’s best treated by the woman to aviod been transferred to her sexual partner. Menstrual pains periodically occur as a result of an untreated infection. Relating to the treatment of infection medical examination is required to be conducted on the affected individual.

NOTE: As a lady, girl or woman we all need to watch our sugar intake/ consumption especially before starting your menstrual flow for each month because naturally excessive intake of such meals or drinks leads to lots of pains forming blood clothing/ thickness (as a result the passage of blood from the outer part of the female reproductive organ becomes painful as it forces it way out) while observation is taking place.

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