Apple cider

This article contains some life-changing health benefits of apple cider so read till the end. Before we go into the health benefits of apple cider and the changes it can make in your life, we first have to know what apple cider is.

Health benefits of orchard apple cider

Apple cider is juice gotten from the apple fruit, mixed with yeast which turns the sugar in the fruit into alcohol. This process is called fermentation.
As for the sour taste, bacteria turns the alcohol into acetic acid. Apple cider can be used to treat some common issues like sore throat and varicose veins. There isn’t much science to prove this research but it’ s studies to prove them are still on going.


There are various ways in which apple cider can be used some include cooking, baking, it can be used in salad dressings, as a preservative.
They could also be used as non-toxic cleaner for your home, odor neutralizer and it can even be used in making deodorant that are not harmful to the human body.


Apple cider if used too much can have some negative effect on the user. Effect of using too much apple cider is Eroding the Enamel of the users teeth.
But when used in the right way with the right amount can have a wonderful effect on your health there by changing your life for the better.
One or two table spoons of apple cider in water, juice or tea once a day is everything enough for the body and could help;

  • Prevent Diabetes
  • Weight Loss
  • Sore Throat
  • Digestive Aid
  • Energy boost e.t.c.

Studies have shown that apple cider could lower the blood sugar level with just two table spoons. It also reduces the sugar level of the user body by 4 to 6 percent.
This health benefit of apple cider will change the life of the user by reducing the risk of having diabetes there by given him freedom to eat some of his favorite dishes and most especially give you the opportunity to live a healthy and happy life.


Apple cider when consumed, can make you feel full, thereby helping you eat less. It also has the ability to slow down fat accumulation.
By helping slow down the amount of fat accumulated and reducing food consumption, apple ciders health benefits will help its user stay in great shape, look good and change their lives.


Apple cider can help detox your body as it can promote the circulation and detoxify the liver. The potassium in apple cider can help break up mucus in the body and clear the lymph.
The body is healthier and the individual becomes more productive, free for toxins. There by changing the life if the user for the better.


It has a bacteria fighting property which could be used for treating sore throats. Put the apple cider in warm water and gargle for a few minutes repeatedly.
This simple remedy has been in used for a very long time and has changed the life of many ever since.


Apple cider can aid in the breaking down and digestion of food. I consumed before or after a meal. It could also be added to dish, juice or tea.
There are some digestion issues faced by some individuals and apple cider can change their lives be helping easily digest any food they consume.


Instead of an energy drink when you feel tired, take a bottle of apple cider and mix it up with water for energy. Amino acids found in the apple cider combats lactic acid which is built up while exercising.
Compare to energy drinks, apple cider is a more natural way to boost your energy without incurring other risks that come with taking energy drinks.
There are other health benefits of apple cider such as; clear sinuses, lower cholesterol, wart remover e.t. c. All those have show how life changing apple cider can be.


Apple cider has been a remedy for Treating sickness for a long time and is still useful till today and it can be life changing for anyone who uses it.
What other health benefits does apple cider have? Comment below.


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